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toggle clamp

Question asked by Theo Linders on May 26, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by Theo Linders


I have an issue with the stress calculation of a toggle clamp.

Thc clamp is loaded with a force of 100 N on the handle on the right and clamps something on the left side.

As fixture for the baseplate i splitted the plate at 4 places where the bolthead is connected to the plate and there i put a fixed geometry.

I have deleted all pins and replaced them with a "on cilindrical face" fixture where only rotation is allowed.

On the bottom side of the pin left i used "on flat face" with 0 mm translation in vertical direction.

The strange thing is that when i see my results that there is only stress in the handle and nowhere else


Can anyone explain this? I would expect also stress in the left bracket that holds the clamping pin.




Rob Linders