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Question asked by 1-71MMI5 on Jun 25, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2012 by Josh Ormsby
Let me preface this post by letting you know that I have seenseveral other posts regarding this error but so far, no one hasdescribed receiving it under the same set ofcircumstances.

We have approximately 6 machines running SolidWorks 2007 with thePDMWorks Workgroup addin.  Our server is running Windowsserver 2003 and all systems have are running the latest servicepack.

All users have full administrative rights to their own machines andthere are no permissions set on the server yet.  

Myself and one other employee are administrators of PDMWorks andthe rest are all restricted users.

As it stands now, only myself and the other employee withadministrative rights can upload to the vault.  Everyone elsegets VALUT ERROR: 50 when they attempt to check in any part (be iton the network or on their local machine).

However, when I log into their machine (as a vault admin), I CANNOTcheck in a document either.  Similarly, when I log in to theirmachine under my WINDOWS username I cannot check in.  However,when they log in to the vault on my machine, they CAN check adocument in.  It is something having to do with theirmachines.

I have tried completely un-installing the software (includingwiping the registry entries) and then reinstalling.  Thisstill did not solve the problem.

One last bit of information - the PDMWorks error log generates thisline upon attempting to check in:

06/22/2007 16:40:52 pdmwCheckIn2::Execute() Could not completetransaction: Could not create directory: C:VaultDataprojectsI419ich test_SLDPRT.; Cannot create a file when that file alreadyexists. (183) [183]

The files most certainly do not previously exist.  I amvalidating my vault every time (in case some of you are thinkingthat).

Can someone please help us?  Even the company we bought thesoftware from is out of ideas...