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    Rotate view around axis 57 degrees

    Ray Cri

      I want to rotate the view by a specific amount around an axis.  I can rotate the view around an axis using the mouse but I want to specify the exact number of degrees to rotate the view.

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          Jackie Yip

          Hi Ray,


          There are a couple ways to do this. If you want a view of your part at a 57 degree angle, I would simply create a new plane that is 57 degrees from the plane you want to view it from and then get a normal view of it. Afterwards, you can use your shift+arrow keys (shortcut for 90 degree rotation) to get it to face the correct coordinate system. Once done, hit the spacebar to save that view for future references.


          The quick way to make a 57 degree plane is to first create a centerline which will define the rotational axis. Then use your reference geometry to make a 57 degree plane. For the other 57 degree view, take 180-57 if you want the perpendicular view.


          Otherwise, you can use the move/copy command to move your part 57 degrees at Insert ---> Features ---> Move/Copy. But this will change the way you measure it for mass purposes.


          Either way, make sure you draw a line/centerline that defines the axis of rotation.



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            George Kovatchev

            That is a good approach Jackie provided. You could avoid construction if you need to rotate about one of the 3 main axes.

            Go to [ Tools > Options > System Options > View ] and temporarily set the "Arrow keys" step to 57 deg


            Use the 4 arrow keys and Alt+left/right arrow to rotate about any of the 3 main axes by 57 deg


            You can also select arbitrary axis of rotation, while in "Rotate view" mode, by selecting an axis with the LMB, but the rotation about this axis only works with the mouse and you get no control over the exact degrees