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Cut list is not created automatically in sheet metal part

Question asked by Patrik MacHalec on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 16, 2016 by Patrik MacHalec

Hi all,

I have attached couple of sheet metal part examples. Each part is created in different way, but result should be same. (it is not)

Maybe I am doing it in wrong way.


I would like to use "master" part (single body or multibody -> doesn't matter) and use this file as external reference for other parts in assembly.

I have created assembly "external-reference.SLDASM" with one part "master-part" which is set as an envelope. I hhave inserted new part in assembly use command "Offset Surface". So external references are created.

When I convert this geometry in new part to sheet metal - cut list is not created. Is there any solution for this issue? Did I do something wrong?


Images and files are in zip file.

SW 2014 SP2


Any comments are welcome.

Thank you


//edit: added pictures in to message