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save selected pdf from vault as new name in local folder

Question asked by Chris Johnson on May 25, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by Chris Johnson

HI All,


I recently started a new job and they use PDMWORKS. Their ECN procedures require the user to open the PDF that PDMW automatically created (from the vault) and then save it using a specific naming convention, create a step file and attach them to the ECN software.



so my question is, is it possible to select a drawing from the vault view (this is where you typically right click and select view as PDF), save it as a PDF with a new file name.


im pretty sure i can handle the re-naming and step creation but i'm at a loss as to how to open the pdf from the selected drawing so that I can go grab the custom properties and rename it.


has anyone done this or something similar and is willing to share some example code?


thank you,