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Find and Fix In-Context Reference

Question asked by John Willett on May 24, 2015

I have no idea how to identify and repair in-context features created in another assembly.  My first indication of a problem was from Pack-and-Go.  Note the last line in the file listing below:

In-Context Issue 1.png

This assembly had been converted from SW Premium 2014 SP5.0 to SW Premium 2015 SP2.1 and then had its parts and assembly renamed in SW Explorer 2015.  (Not sure of the whole history of this assembly; probably parts/assembly renamed more than once during development in 2014, always using SW Explorer 2014.)


My second indication was the following message, received on attempting to edit one of the parts:


"This part has features defined

in the context of another

assembly <Mirror Pads Cell

Thin wSupport2.sldasm>. You

can edit the part, but cannot

create any external references

to the components of the

current assembly."


The current assembly name is "Mirror Pads Cell Thin wSup2 2015.SLDASM," which was first created during the aforementioned transition from 2014 to 2015, but I suppose the problem might have been created much earlier:  I don't remember how long ago "Mirror Pads Cell

Thin.sldasm" (see last entry in P&G image above) was created and built upon.  Nevertheless, "Mirror Pads Cell Thin wSupport2.sldasm" (the starting point for today's conversion) reports no such problems.


It seems that I should be able to fix this (and avoid creating similar problems in the future!), but I clearly need guidance.  Am I re-naming the files in the wrong order?  Any help much appreciated! -- John Willett