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    Oversized text in titleblocks - Thanks SW 2015!

    Steve Elting



      Well, my biggest client pushed to immediately move their project to SW 2015 before I had a chance to give it thorough review.  Now, they are literally paying for it.


      It appears that SW 2015 doesn't like the lettering in their title blocks and causes the text to be to large and over-run the boarder.  I've made them aware of this issue and cost related to fixing all the text on the drawings (over 700 of them) and they cringed.  I could pay my SW subscription with this error.  Awesome!


      The interesting thing is that it's only this particular client's titleblocks.  Our in-house title blocks are not affected.


      Anyone else having this issue?  BTW, since using SW since 2007, this has to be the ABSOLUTE WORST RELEASE EVER!!!!