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    Best way to generate port table

    Ivan Skachko

      I am designing a vacuum chamber, which has a number of ports. Each port is specified by a few parameters such as its angles and length. I need to generate a table of all ports listing these parameters. What existing functionality of Solidworks (e.g. BOM table, general table) is best to use for doing that?Main sample prep chamber 052215.png

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          Ivan Skachko

          I used BOM in the end, although I think there is a more automated way, some hybrid of BOM and design table. Clicking on the appropriate angular dimension enters it into the table. Angular mates are unusable in SW 2014 due to flipping angular mate problem (how could Solidworks not have fixed this up until now?). So I used an underpinning 3D sketch containing linear and angular dimensions for each port.