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i have an assembly in which I need to place the center part at an angle related to the two outside parts, how to I apply an angle to an entire assembly ?

Question asked by Tiago Sousa on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 25, 2015 by Tiago Sousa

the attachement is a production line. in the center is the main line and on the outsides are the outside rollers. They are not fully defined yet and I am sure you guys will find my creation terrible, but thas what i was able to do with my limited knoledge. please feel free to give me as much construction feedback as you want.


but what main reason im here is the following:


i want to leave both outside creations flat, while applying an angle to the center table ? if you are looking from the side the center table is going to be 7.5 inches lower then the outside in the end, and 11 inches higher in the beginning of the line. so i need to angle the whole center assembly in relation to the outside. I have no idea on how to do that. please advise.