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    Pasting in images with a transparent background

    Mike Lloyd

      I'm putting together a drawing and I'm trying to paste in an image I captured with Snipping Tool from a PDF. When I paste the picture in, sometimes the white background is removed and it is just the text and lines on a transparent background. This looks really nice and I want all the picture to be like this but sometimes it pastes it in with a white background. I cannot figure out if it's Acrobat Pro, Snipping Tool, or Solidworks that's deleting the background but I'm leaning towards SW. What is causing this feature and how can I enable it always? Anyone else experienced this before?


      Attached is a picture of what I'm talking about. I put the image on the edge of the page and you can see that the background of the image is transparent.

      transparent background.PNG.


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          Jeff Holliday

          The picture being inserted needs to have what's called an "alpha" channel enabled when it is being prepared. This is not possible on all picture formats. png formats works very well for this. The alpha channel works sort of like the green-screen background used in news-rooms. The background is transparent allowing the picture to be placed in a variety of places.

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              Mike Lloyd

              Thanks for the quick reply. I understand a bit about transparency and alpha masks. I'm just confused as to how Snipping Tool is getting this data from a PDF document and how Solidworks is recognizing it. To be clear, I'm not inserting the image with the Insert>Picture command, I'm clicking in the drawing and pressing control-v. Yet somehow, it's pasting transparent images.

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              Matthew Menard

              Do you have the transparency option on the picture options like my screenshot below?



              The image I inserted into my drawing did not have an alpha channel, but I was able to select the white background and make it fully transparent with the user defined option.  You can use the eyedropper tool to pick which color you want to make transparent and in my case it was the white background.  The only issue you might run into using the user defined method is with blurry raster images that may have the linework and background bleeding together.  Hope this helps.