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Double contrarrotating turbine

Question asked by tania ausin on Jun 25, 2007
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hello!we are two students of industrial engineering of Burgos university(Spain) and we are making as a final project an aerogenerator ofdouble counterrotating turbine, that is to say, in the same axis itgoes mounted a turbine formed by three shovels and behind thatthere is another turbine also formed by three shovels that turns insense in opposition to first with a relation of a transmissionequal to -1.We have to make a simulation with cosmosfloworks. Wehave tested and we do not know if the introduced parameters are thecorrect ones. This is the assembly:


 Atthe moment we have tested with a single turbine....We have introducedthe turbine of three shovels in a big hollow cylinder to make aninternal analysis.


Wehave also created a solid cylinder of size similar to the turbineas a rotating region.


Thusis like we have created our project:




-analysis type

  --internal---exclude cavities without flow conditions

  --rotation--local region

-fluids -- air (gases)--default flow

 --flow type--laminar or laminar and turbulent flow? we don´tknow.... 

 -Initial mesh--by default?

 -initial conditions--by default?


Wehave disabled the rotating region with the option componentcontrol.


1)rotating region - solid cylinder--50 rpm


2)boundary conditions

   --Real wall--wall motion--50 rpm

   --Enviromental pressure--in the face of the hollow cylinder whichis behind the turbine.

   --Inlet velocity--10 m/s--in the face of the hollow cylinder whichis in front of the turbine.


3)goals--surface goals--component of torque - use the goal forcomponent control....we do not know which faces of the turbine wehave to take...... what it interests to us is the torque in theaxis in order to calculate the power of the turbine with theangular velocity.



Weare lost!!!!!

Wedon´t know if we are in the right way, so we would like you helpus.



Thankyou very much!!!!