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Newbie Question. Multiple Work Flows

Question asked by Frederic Hodshon on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 26, 2015 by Brian McEwen

I have been tasked with administering a yet to be launched EPDM system - Build Number: 15.2 (B840).


currently doing the shared network drive thing.


i need to get a work flow up and running NOW. i'm a long-in-the-tooth PTC guy - Windchill, Creo...


i really like EPDM - i've had some run-ins with Workgroup PDM (or whatever it's called).


question (first among many to come - no holiday this year):


if you have multiple workflows, how does EPDM know which to use?


i'm sure this is an embarrassing question... i'm getting the hang of States and Transitions and Notifications...


there are some really great youtube vids that have gotten me started. if the group could recommend any

comprehensive resources to learn the finer points of EPDM, i will be forever grateful.


Have a great holiday weekend, eat a weenie for me!


fred hodshon

irvine, ca