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Require guidance on how to start my SolidWorks career

Question asked by Stuart Soutar on May 22, 2015
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I am in need of help in pointing me in the right direction in regards to learning SoldWorks and hopefully use this skill to get myself a job in the oil/gas industry as a design engineer/draughtsman. I am degree educated in the UK with a 1st Class Honours Degree in Computing. As far as CAD goes I am very proficient in using Autodesk 3D Studio max and other 2D software packages from the Adobe range (illustrator, photoshop, flash etc). It has now came to my attention that perhaps 3D Max is not going to help me  to gain myself a job as a design engineer as most jobs require SolidWorks as a core skill.


So what i would like to ask is what is the best possible way for me to learn SolidWorks? The level i am at currently with 3D max is all down to being self taught however I feel that's not the most efficient way to go with SolidWorks, i would like a structured method of training that will set me up good for the future. I have noticed here in the UK we have training centres which teach the various SolidWorks courses starting out with the 4 day SolidWorks Essentials course. Can anyone tell me if this is the best possible way to go or can you please suggest any books/material that will provide me with the same structured training to enable me to get the relevant certification (CSWA > CSWP etc). The price of the courses put me off slightly!


I really appreciate any guidance from anyone.