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Up to Surface Extrude won't update in "flexible" Assembly Mode

Question asked by Alex Lichon on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Adrian Velazquez

I have an assembly that has linear bearings and bellows & end clips for the bellows. In a sub-assembly I have the bellow clips, bellows, and linear bearings. The clips on mated to the linear bearing in such a way that one clip is stationary and the other moves with the linear bearing block. I then added a in-context part to the assembly to create the bellow. I used the extrude command (specifically the Extrude Up to Surface) , extruding from the stationary clip to the movable clip's surface. The linear bearing can then be moved from side to side and the bellows expand and contract as they should moving along with the linear bearing.


Then I add this sub-assembly into my main assembly. I need to make the sub-assembly flexible in order to move the linear bearing around in the final assembly. This all works well; HOWEVER, the bellows (I made in-context to the sub-assembly) don't update according to the location of the moving linear bearing.


How can I make it to where the bellows expand and contract in the final assembly as they do in the sub-assembly?