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How stable is SWx 2015 SP3?

Question asked by Stephen Copeland on May 22, 2015
Latest reply on May 22, 2015 by Stephen Copeland

Had a call from my VAR saying SP3 was out for 2015.


Does anyone know if SP3 has cured all the rubbish glitches with graphics cards when using duel displays?  IM back on 2014 SP 5 , fortunately saved all my work in both versions. I dropped out of subs this year but received a call from my VAR asking me how things were working out. Eventually they told me it would be possible to get the updated service pack at a small fee even when off subs up to the point when 2016 comes out, which is very helpful. I just wanted to know if SP3 had fixed the glitching monitors thing, as it doesn't do it at all with 2015 sp5 at all. ON 2015 it dis it on the draft sight thing as well, no matter which driver you used from the SWx driver suggestion website.