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    EPDM-check in issue

    Juan Gutierrez

      I have a macro that makes an edrawing of the current drawing and checks the drawing in but it will also check the part in so if the part is open while its running it will break the macro

      it makes the edrawing fine it just seems to be the check in that the issue is in any advice on fixing the bug?


      this the part that checks the file in i have to close the drawing in order to do this would i have to close the part to,this would be preferred so i could check both in at once,  or could i exclude it from being checked in, I'm new to this and don't know how i would go about doing either or which would be best, thanks.

      'Close file

      swApp.CloseDoc FileName



      'log into edpm vault

      VaultName = Vault.GetVaultNameFromPath(FilePath)

      Vault.LoginAuto VaultName, 0



      'Check file in

      Set File = Vault.GetFileFromPath(FilePath)

      File.UnlockFile 0, ""



      'Prompt user program completed

      MsgBox "Complete", vbOKOnly