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Why can’t I add a CPoint to my auto route?

Question asked by Dominik Hoffmann on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2018 by David Panak

I am pretty new to routing. I want to run a manual route using a wire. My assembly has connectors with CPoints in it. Here is what I am doing:


1. Right-click on a CPoint in the feature manager and select Start Route.


2. This brings up the Route Properties manager. I name the routing subassembly and make the other applicable selections and hit the check mark.


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.33.47.png


3. Then the Auto Route manager comes up, which looks like this


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.35.13.png

4. I select the end point of the stub attached to the CPoint of my connector like so:


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.34.26.png


This connector is a pin for a D-Sub-style connector, which I downloaded from the TE Connectivity website and to which I added a CPoint at the crimp end. It looks like this:


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.41.15.pngScreenshot 2015-05-21 11.41.29.png

The CPoint is configured like so:


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.44.16.png


5. Now I want to add the CPoint representing the other terminal of my wire. It looks like this:


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.35.56.png


I simply cannot do anything to select CPoint5 of this component, in order to add it to the Auto Route. What am I doing wrong?


The definition of CPoint5 is like so:


Screenshot 2015-05-21 11.51.17.png