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Controlling top side of dxf flat pattern

Question asked by Douglas Matlock on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by Bob Van Dick

I am embarrassed to ask...I've been doing this long enough I should know if there is an answer.  Up to this point, we have created DXF files of our flat patterns and sent them to the NC programmer.  It has been up to the programmer to flip and rotate the dxf file to meet the needs of the particular machine it is going to be punched or cut on.  Now they are asking us to control the top side of the dxf file, so we can control the burr side and ensure that forming tools on the turret are being punched the correct direction.  Is there a way to designate the top side of the sheet metal on a flat pattern so we can determine the default "up side" of the flat pattern?  I don't want to have to open each dxf file in Draftsight, Autodcad or Etch-a-sketch and flip the dxf for the programmers.