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autosaving replacing my model in drawing

Question asked by Terry Kasuboski on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by Ingvar Magnusson

I have been struggling trying to get my drawing to match my model, i have checked and rechecked my model and then doing an update and save.

I open the drawing of the model and it is not changing the hole and bore locations. I did then clicked on the model and went to open it from the drawing. That is when I noticed that it was referring to the auto save file that was created a few days ago. Now I am having problems getting the drawing to recognize the correct model file.

I have tried to do a replace model, that did not do it. I have tried to redo the view and somehow, it went right back to the auto save location and inserted that one again.

The last effort was to delete the files in auto save which probably was not a good idea, many of the dimensions that I placed in the drawing that is not on the model either lost association or just vanished.


Is there a better way to get the drawing to use the correct model?  Otherwise I am down to the very last thought and I am not liking this idea, starting the drawing totally over from scratch.


Thanks for your insights and suggestions to start with,