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Mandatory State Comment and/or adding a variable to Notfication E-mail?

Question asked by Tera Hansen on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Jason Capriotti

Okay to start out with, we've instituted a new ECO/ECR process using the notification system in EPDM.  For the most part have worked out the kinks and things are finally running smoothly.  One issue we've come up against (and have yet to figure out a solution) is having the ECO number noted in the e-mail everyone receives.  Yes they could open up the drawing and it listed, but that's too much work because it takes 3 extra seconds.  And while it can be done setting up an action in the workflow, generally our ECO's include multiple parts, and we really don't want to be spamming everybody with multiple e-mails for each ECO.  So the work around has been adding it in the state change comment box.  However the engineers are worried they will forget to add that information when submitting it for approval. 


So the way I see it we have one of two options, either make it mandatory for the state change comment to be filled out (only on certain state changes) or having the ECO number pulled from the data card and inserted into the notification e-mail.  Our marketing guru considers HTML code to be his second language so we can (and have) edited the template.  But again our best efforts have come up short on either one of those.  I know you guys are much more knowledgeable when it comes to this stuff than I am (as I am only just beginning the learn the in and outs of EPDM).  Any advice or suggestions?  Or are we just doomed to have to rely on the engineers to remember to place that info in the comment box?