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Loft Feature using converted entities in 3d sketch as a guide curve. "Rebuild Error. Loft operation failed to complete"

Question asked by Bartosz Bykowski on May 21, 2015
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I am new to forum. I am modelling a chair in Solid, it is based on a skid with legs, that eventually is gonna be prototyped with a pipe (radius 8mm). The geometry of the legs is quite complex, I managed to model a guide curve in 3d sketch, partly from drafting curves with curve tool and partly from converting entities. At the moment I am trying to use this 3 sketch curve as a guide curve for 3 profiles of the pipe i drew on 3 different planars. The command doesn't work. I assume it might be either:

1) I cannot use converted entities as a guide curve in Loft feature

2) part of the 3d sketch curve is displayed with gapped line (what might just indicate which curves was made by Convert Entities tool and which by using simple Sketch Tool in 3d sketch mode.


Anyway I would like to loft this leg so I will be grateful for any help.


I use Solidworks 2013 x 64 Edition.


I attach Solidworks file and printscreen with the Loft operation.


Please Help