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EPDM Digital approvals: How are others handeling this?

Question asked by Lawrence Kiefer on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 2, 2016 by Tim Webb

We have been using EPDM for a good 2+ years now. We have planned since the beginning to utilize the digital approval process, where the file would be submitted for approval, email notifications would go out to the people that review and sign documents, then they could open up the drawing, review and then approve or reject the drawing.


So, what I am faced with now, is people are saying that it is too hard to review or check drawings on their computer screen so they want full size printouts of all drawings. From there they are saying since we need the full size printouts, they might as well just sign them instead of going back to the computer to approve them through EPDM. In addition to this, the cost per license comes into play as we would need to purchase more licenses for all of the people that check and approve documents and these people would only utilize it for this purpose.


This is what I a faced with, being close to throwing in the towel on the whole digital approvals. First I would like to hear what others are doing. Are most epdm users utilizing the digital approval process? Is it in fact a wast of time, money and resources? All companies are different, however It would still be helpful to hear what the rest of the world does. What are the pros and cons of using digital approvals...