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Table Driven Linear Pattern Dimensions

Question asked by Gethen Baker on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Jamil Snead

I may have thought myself into a corner with this, and there may be an easier way to reach the end goal that I'm hoping for than I'm currently planning... But assuming there isn't, no one appears to have asked about this, so...


I'm creating a part with a few hundred different dimensioned rectangles swept along an identical path. The spacing between the rectangles will be the same. They are all 2x1 (height x width), but the width varies. I have the list of requisite widths in a table (the start goes 0.08, 0.1, 2, 1.4, 0.36...).


I can create the first one as a seed and use Linear pattern to space the rest of them. My googling as shown me that I can vary the dimensions of each instance independently. What I can't do is get them all to pull in off the spreadsheet. I -really- don't want to manually assign all of the widths.

Before I get into macroing this out of sheer boredom, is there a sensible way to do this? I feel like this can't be the only instance where this feature would be useful.

As a second thought, I could make this feature into its own part and then make what would have been the part into an assembly of all of the part configs... But again, repetitive clicking for 400 of these things - is there a way to linear component pattern each config in turn?


Cheers for any and all help guys!