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Variable hole pitches

Question asked by Mark Greenwell on May 20, 2015
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What would be the best solution for holes that have variable pitches.


For example if I have a hole that is required 20 times at a cross centre pitch of 200mm then that's ok as I can use the pattern function.


What happens if say holes 1 - 10 are at 200mm then then hole 11 is now 150mm from hole 10, then hole 12 is 250mm from hole 11.


I can't  use pattern as the holes pitches are different.


Do I have to do these in blocks so hole 1 - 10 are patterned. Then go into hole wizard and add a hole 150mm from the 10th hole.

Then pattern this at 250 to give me hole 11, and have to do this for every change in pitch.


We have a bit of software for our drilling machines that allow us to put variable pitches in in one go.


So the above would look like 20@200,150,250. So it would put 20 holes in at 200mm apart then for the next hole 150 from the last and then 250 from this.


Are variable hole pitches possible to add in one go?


I could use sketches and have the length of the sketch corresponded to the hole pitch and then put the holes at the end of each sketch.

However sometime we have hundred of holes with multiple pitches in an part.





Mark (SolidWorks 2015 sp3)