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Deleting Revision Component...2014

Question asked by Adam Johnson on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 20, 2015 by Adam Johnson

I imported a new workflow which brought along a Revision scheme (revision component and number). I realized i did not need these new revision components. But i've been unsucessful in deleting them as they are associated with States in the Imported workflow. SO, I went to that workflow and deleted the reference to those Revision components in each state. Still was unable to delete them and the dialog claimed to still be apart of that State. SO, the next step was to delete the states all together in that workflow that had any connection to the Revision component scheme. Done. Still I'm an not able to delete the extra revision components that imported in along with the new workflow.


As of this moment the only thing that exisists in that new workflow and has been saved, is the Initial State. All other transitions and state have been deleted. Also note, I've not even use this Workflow to transition any actual files in the vault.


Any insight would be appreciated.