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3D modeling 2015!

Question asked by Y. A on May 18, 2015
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3D modeling 2015.


Well, thanks guys for sharing opinions. Those are way how to show the client your product, but before you print it or do what ever its the last steep I believe the customer with and without experience have to be able to see and feel the main idea of the project, I mean if animation they have to see the animation itself in movement in that case video should be good, if 3D drowning they have to be able to spin the item with and without experience, that will become to a close out business and happy client.


Pictures, videos, are helpfull and good to know that those are the comun nway to show up your work, but as a web design is easy to send my customer a PDF with the project detail, but talking about 3D drowing and modeling I want to give more flexibility to my customer no just a HD picture and pre-made video, I belive customers deserve better to get their complete attention and remember they will ask question and modification about specific part of the design!!!.


What you guys think people use this method?


Go ahead everyone with comment!