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NEOSWUG Summer Breeze 2015

Question asked by Jerry Kassil on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2015 by Edward Yoho

So last meeting we took the opportunity to celebrate the groups tenth anniversary. We want to thank Tonia for helping us all understand the challenges of support and how to get it. Thanks Dan for your words and for getting us all started in the first place. You still find a way to touch us all even if you have gone over to the dark side. Thank you Richard for coming out to Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland to help celebrate and sharing some awesome tips and tricks. We can't do any of this without your support and we greatly appreciate it. Thanks Jordan for always being there for us as well. Also, thanks to everyone that came out to share these and other special moments. I do have some photos that I plan to put out here as long as I stop procrastinating; so stay tuned.


By now you have gotten word from Craig that our next user group meeting will be on the 24th of June when we will be getting together for our annual cook-out at the Brushwood Pavilion in the Furnace Run Metro Parks. We'll be lighting up the grills for the Summer cookout! Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, and maybe even some bratwurst will be provided. As in the past, we ask that you bring a side dish to share with the group. Please use the forum to post what you plan to bring so we can minimize on duplicate items. We would also like to hear from the group on topics that you may want to see presented at the meeting. Our top priority always is to arrange for information that YOU want to hear about. Jordan Tadic of SOLIDWORKS has already offered his services for a presentation, so lets come up with some good material for him or any ideas you may have for that matter.


Hope to see you all soon, and don't wait to RSVP!!!