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Is there a way to configure individual pattern instances?

Question asked by Dave Lonsdale on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on May 21, 2015 by Christopher Sudlik

Hi All

I have a problem that I just cant work out. I often tap into the wealth of knowledge on these forums when I get stuck, but I fear maybe this is a step too far.


Hopefully I can describe my problem sufficiently:


I am designing some security bars, the kind that are fitted over windows/openings. For the larger sizes, a modular design is used. For example, a 3m x 3m opening would have 9No. 1m x 1m modules.


I am modelling top down with sketches in the top level assembly driving the model. I have set up equations so that once the user inputs the size of the opening the number of modules is worked out automatically. I have used a pattern to do this, the first module is inserted into the assembly which is patterned and sized according to the opening.


Taking the 3m x 3m example, the top left module will be different to the top middle which will be different again to the middle centre module due to what each side of the module fixes to. I can easily configure the module subassembly for each possibility but, now to the root of my issue, I cannot figure out how to link the position of the module in the pattern to which configuration is should be.


What I want to do is something like:

Position 1,1 in the pattern is the corner so that module should be the corner config

Position 1,2 in the pattern is top middle so that module should be the top middle config

Position 2,2 in the pattern is the middle centre... etc...


I need to extract the position information of each pattern instance and use this to drive the configurations of the modules.


All my work so far regarding equations has been done in the equation manager. I'm sure a design table would be better but my excel knowledge is limited.


Is this possible or have I wasted a couple of days going down the wrong path?


Any input welcome