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    Automating response to Error msg

    J. C


      I am trying to make a macro that will find corrupted files.

      The macro runs thru my files, and trys to load each of the *.SLDDRW files.

      If the file is not corrupted then it moves on to the next file.

      If the file IS corrupted  - when Solidworks tries to open any of these corrupted files - I get an Error msg and I have to click the OK button to dismiss the error msg for the macro to go on.


      Is there any way to automate this "OK-clicking" ? I have hundreds of files to test and I would like the macro to be fully automated.(i.e. not having to have a person waiting for the error to pop-up and clicking OK each time)


      I have tried using the "sendkeys" command to send an "ENTER" but it has no affect on the error msg.