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Convert a part/asm with 3D thread feature into STEP file problem

Question asked by Deborah Niekerk on May 18, 2015
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When I try to convert (save as) the below shown parts in Solidworks into a STEP file, it doesn't work.

Solidworks does save the STEP files, but when re-open these files in Solidworks it hangs.

And the strange thing is that I do not see any problem with other parts.


The problem seems to be in the 3D thread. When I remove the thread from the part it all works fine!

I made the thread with a Swept Cut. When I fill in a huge pitch size, it will work also.


Opening the 'problem' STEP files into other 3D software doesn't give any problems!

Convert into parasolid works also fine.


But of course I need STEP files WITH this 3D thread, cosmetic thread is not the solution.

I use Solidworks 2014 SP1.


Any ideas on this?


thread problem2.jpg thread problem1.jpg