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PV360 animation ignores appearances (help!)

Question asked by Martijn Hellemans on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 19, 2015 by Martijn Hellemans

HI everyone


I'm a bit mistified by the behaviour PV360 is giving me.

I have an assembly (using various appearances)  and made an animation for it.


If I make ordinary (still) renders with PV360 the result looks great. If I render the animation and set the "solidworks view" renderer it also comes out fine.

BUt when I render the animation with PV360, all appearances are lost and everything looks light grey in the final video.


I tried all the different compressor settings, to no avail.


What's strange is, when PV360 is generating the individual frames for the video, I can see that they come out fine and in colour, yet somehow in the conversion to video (or .bmp) this is lost.


Thanks in advance for any input.