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Imported Geometry Modifications

Question asked by Nick Mangione on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Jim Sculley

Hello all,


I am working with a piece of imported geometry (from a STEP file) of a molded part (so we're dealing with drafted, filleted features).  The part may have been originally modeled in CATIA, but I am unsure.  Import Diagnostics shows no errors, and I don't suspect any geometry problems (splinter faces, etc.).  Unfortunately, I cannot legally upload the original part geometry, but I have attached an example which illustrates my challenge.  I need to remove a boss from the end of certain fins in an array of fins.  I'd like to "replace" the end which I remove (with the boss, etc.) with a "clean" end like one of the adjoining fins.

import_example.SLDPRT = a very close analog of my situation

example.SLDPRT = what I used to generate the imported geometry of "import_example.SLDPRT", to refer to the fin spacing, etc.


So far, I've been unsuccessful with:


Using "pure" surfacing:

I deleted the faces of the offending feature, then attempted to use ruled surfaces, filled surfaces, and surface trims/extends to re-create the geometry.  I was able to re-create a fin *without* the fillet connecting it to the base, but I ran into trouble trying to get my (admittedly sketchy) patch job to knit to a solid.


Eliminating the offending feature using cut extrudes (as in "example.SLDPRT"):

I'm not sure how to best re-create the end of the fin.  I tried copying the surfaces from an adjoining "clean" fin, moved the resulting surface body to the appropriate position "in front" of the cut fin, and then attempted to use Replace Face, but it said it would "create self-intersecting geometry".

I also attempted to use the same copied surface body from the "clean" fin, and extend the surfaces from the "cut" fin, followed by a surface trim.  However, the trim wouldn't split the surfaces in any "sane" manner.


I'm far out of my league here, and would appreciate any guidance anyone has.  Thank you for your help!