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    Simulating Corrugated Airfoil

    Roshan Neupane

      Hello everyone

      I have modeled corrugated airfoil(dragonfly airfoil) under solidworks workbench and now I want to run 2D simulation under solidworks flow simulation. Followng few tutorials and with a help from friend I am able to create basic mesh around the airfoil. With an intent to develop fine mesh around the corrugated area I made a block that envelops the airfoil and tried to create local inital mesh in it but for some reason I am not being able to select the block[extruded part that envelops airfoil].( I have excluded the block using component control option)

      local initial mesh problem.JPG

      I also tried it other way by selecting each of the faces of block but it keeps getting me this error msg "Component out of computational domain".

      I get the feeling its very simple but it has kept me hanging for quite a while now so I need immediate help here.

      I would also like to get help on setting computational domain size. Since the flow is within reynolds number of 10000 I have set up domain size to be 6c on back and 5c on top an below and 4c on the front.

      Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Thank you.

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          Amit Katz

          I don't know why you can't select the block, but as a workaround you can use manual mesh settings and put in control planes in place of the block. There is a thread on this forum from a few weeks back with some good info on 2D airfoil simulation, check the older threads until you find it.

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              Roshan Neupane

              Thanks Amit

              I did went through those threads on 2D airfoil simulation and I have got pretty much idea about the size of computational domain and other related factors. I have also tried adding/editing mesh control panes and increased no of cells on those panes (in this case i need much more refined cells especially in corrugated areas cos flow becomes almost stagnant there) but that has led CPU to run out of memory.  If I could envelop airfoil with block or plane and create mesh just witihn that region then i could save time and get better results cos that would avoid execssive cell number in unnecessary areas of domain.

              Probably i havent been clear with my question before , I think m missing some step , heres how I created block.



              Then I simply followed steps from wizard option and selected 2D computational domain. Upon excluding the block from control component in flow simulation tree I tried to appy local initial mesh but its not checking. Is it because of geometry fault ?

              I have attached test airfoil here , I know this is a lot to ask but if you could take your time  and check it out I would be really thankful.