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    I can't import

    Rama Rengan

      I don't have an import option on my student version. Can someone tell me how to import an .svg or .ai file?

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          Erik Bilello

          I believe there are limitations on the import/export capabilities of the student version.  A friend of mine has the student version and I recall there were limits to exporting.  I assume it's to impede getting around the Student version watermark.  Try looking in Help for further information.

          If you can import .dxf files (I would be surprised if they limit that) I think you may be able to use Inkscape [ Home | Inkscape ] to convert the .svg to .dxf, it's been awhile since I played with it so I'm not positive.


          Edited to add:

          OK, I got curious and dug out Inkscape, it looks like you may be able to open a .ai file too, I don't have one to try.  The nature of the image will probably dictate whether or not it will export as a usable .dxf file.  And of course I don't know for sure your student version will import that.