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Export Solidworks Drawing to Autocad as a polyline

Question asked by Linh-Chi Nguyen on May 15, 2015



I am working from a SolidWorks drawing file and exporting the file in Autocad.


I was able to apply layers on the Drawing, but all the lines are considered as separated entities. I have to select line by line, and join all the lines to make it as a polyline.


I have selected the ''make splines as polyline'' in the export dialogue in the DXF format., but when I open the generated dxf files, all the lines are separated entities.


Is there a possibility to join the lines in Solidworks drawing of in the sketch of a model? Some kind of a ''join'' function similar in Autocad?


I know we can export the file in Autocad, and in Autocad, join all the segments, but I would like to do it in the Solidwork file instead.


Thank you and have a nice day