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Sketch Issues

Question asked by Robert Eppig on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by Robert Eppig

I am creating a sketch of our company logo to use along with our CNC machine to engrave a sheet metal sign to attach to machine we build.

I am creating the logo within a .5 X .5 area.  I want to save the sketch for use.  I want to be able to scale the sketch for different panel sizes.


Can I create a block of the sketch to insert in other drawings? or Just copy the saved sketch and paste into a new part drawing and locate and scale as needed?   What is the best way to do this in SolidWorks 2015.


Additional - I created the logo and tried the copy paste option and a 1 line and 2 arcs lost their relations and messed up the logo.  Also the company name (text) did not come over to the new part drawing with the sketch.  Can anyone tell me what's going on with that?


Thanks in advance for your help.