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ePDM 2014 Features, Version Neutral Data Card Editing ??

Question asked by James Imes on May 15, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by Jim Stone

I've only breezed some basics, but one feature appears to allow data card editing / manipulation without creating a new version.  We have migration errors that ended up w/ incorrect info in description & other fields but we can't rev or we throw away $$kk in parts already engraved.  Rollback is useless on the "migrated" files as nothing to go back too, so only other option appears to be delete file, reintroduce & fill out data card fields correctly.


If this feature can be or has been used by someone out there for anything similar to this problem,  please give me a d101 rundown to share w/ admin as we have thousands of files which makes this problem's fix a "clerical parasite" for the engineering & design groups here. Appreciate time for review !