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Assembly internal parts / drawing view separation

Question asked by Nigel Ball on May 14, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by Mike Pogue



i have an assembly and i created the parts in context. i had issues with creating sub assemblies (something to do with losing the mate references which i did find surprising) so everything right now is top level. I am not ready at this stage to send parts out to separate paths as assemblies because i do not want to get into issues again and lose my mate references, So, my assembly has many parts and i only need to show some of them in a configuration. Cant seem to create an assembly configuration so i am looking for some help.


here is my assembly image with a pretyy clear indication of what i need to display. i only want the metal frame, not the unit behind it because i only need to detail the metal frame. everything has already been done and this frame has been added on.


how can i separate this from my assembly in a drawing view or create a configuration in my assembly to only show this frame?






stupid SW views.jpg