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Glitch in Second Monitor Only

Question asked by Dave Nowakowski on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 22, 2017 by Foad Sojoodi Farimani

Having a bit of a glitch when using my second monitor.  I've seen a few others with similar problems in the forums, but some of my specifics differ, so i'm posting to see if anyone has a clever workaround for a similar set of issues.


To Start, note i have a ASUS laptop with a Nvidia Geforce 750m driver.  NOT listed as supported by solidworks, so expect that is the crux of the issue.  New computer has been requested, but i'm having to work with what i have for now.


Basically the issue is that, upon clicking in the window Solidworks creates glitches that resemble scaled down duplicates of the desktop nesting off towards the upper right hand corner. Screencap attached.


This only happens on the second monitor.  everything behaves correctly on the primary (built-in) monitor and performance/speed/image quality seems quite good (but its very small).


This happens when the second monitor mode is set to extend the desktop.  works fine when duplicating the desktop.


Problem occurs regardless of whether the Nvidia card is disabled or not.  (integrated card is an Intel HD4600)  Disabling the HD4600 does not allow second monitor use at all in extended desktop, and creates other display issues.


Problem does not occur is Use Software OpenGL is checked, however, performance in some areas becomes very slow, even on relatively simple asemblies and parts.  Of particular issue is that SW seems to hang when selecting features or expanding nested menus in the feature manager.


All drivers for the Intel and Nvidia cards are up to date, though the Intel driver is ASUS specific and does not seem to have a recent update.


Issue does not seem to occur with other 3d cad applications


Any Ideas or workarounds?