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Dimensioning difficult radii in SolidWorks edrawing

Question asked by Luke Harris on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by Jesse Robbers

I have modeled a chair in Solidworks, and have used various surfacing techniques, with drafts, curves etc. which add complexity to my model. See image attached.

Now that I am in edrawings trying to add dimensions to my models there a certain curves which I cannot define - and I am sure this is common and thus there must be a work around. For example, the radius on the front, top edge of the arm (right elevation) cannot be defined. Another example; I cannot define the height of the chair (maybe something to do with it being a thickened surface?). How do you define such difficult dimensions?


Note: The shell of my chair was created by first creating a 10 degree drafted extruded surface from an open profile (the bottom left edge; I then drew the profile of the chair on the right plane and used it as a split line to cut my extruded surface.