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Beam 1D, joint issues..

Question asked by Markku Sutinen on May 13, 2015
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by Jared Conway



Could someone pelase assist me with following case:

I have a roof truss structure, which I tred to model as centerline sketch skeleton and weldemt profiles sweeped along sketch lines.


In order to ensure flawless joint connections I tried to be smart and splitten my top an bottom main profile skeches, so that every diagonal member shares explicitely a common & one end point with main profile(s). The outcome was somewhat opposite,

  1. Joint points are drifting along screen, as seen in enclosed screen capture
  2. there are more visible joint points than I expected, but mybe this is because of merged points shown as one and orphans with different colour.
  3. one piece if I beam profile appears & meshes as solid part, but I'm pretty sure that such an extrusion does not exist in history tree. Normally I could RMB on feature tree and select "treat as beam" but in this case there does not exist such an option
  4. some diagonal (secondary) members have a blue "i", maybe this is because of orphan Joint points?


In general alternative way would be use a shell model, but it is somewhat complex thing to do it, trim, split, define thickensses.. so I'd preferably stay with Weldment & Beam 1D, if possible.


Any hints what to do? Please find following screen captures:

2015-05-13 23_05_40-Custom Selection.png2015-05-14 00_13_39-SolidWorks Premium 2014 x64 Edition - [Part5-test12345 _].png