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Can you force text to be lowercase?

Question asked by Matt Rohr on May 13, 2015
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Anyone know a way to force text to be lowercase if the "ALL UPPERCASE" box is checked in a note?

It is standard that all notes on drawings are Uppercase with the exception of abbreviations for SI units.


SolidWorks 2015 is kind of smart about this but ultimately fails....


If my note is



SolidWorks is smart enough to know that the "mm" is an SI abbreviation and leaves it lowercase.


However if the note is


"WEIGHT: 10 KG" SolidWorks isn't smart enough to know that the correct abbreviation is "kg"


I think KG stands for Kevin Garnett.


By the way the "ALL UPPERCASE" can be very handy because most of the materials in the material library are in lowercase.

So if I am displaying my custom property for Material on my drawing sheet and using the default library I can get it to show up as "BRONZE" instead of "Bronze"


I'll take 10 bronze Kevin Garnetts.