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How to manage solidworks materials when I upgrade from one year to the next?

Question asked by Anthony Boyd on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Anthony Boyd

I just upgraded our 2 seats of 2014 to 2014. We're in the early stages of using SWX so we're not completely integrated.


We run Workgroup PDM and have a shared folder on the server for templates, formats, etc. I had made some "custom" materials in my seat of SolidWorks but had a strange problem or two after upgrading a previous version of SWX, so I had done a complete clean uninstall. I did copy all the important folders before I deleted them, so I can still see my old "materials.sldmat" file.


I'd really like to know is there a best way to setup materials, ideally from a shared location on the server, where we can both use the same materials - and any upgrades to SWX are easily sorted by pointing back to the shared materials file. Is there a way to remove the "DIN" materials as we don't need them?


Any guidance would be gratefully received.