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Simulation on a bearing

Discussion created by Madhav Rale on May 13, 2015
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I need some help in understanding the concept of rpm and torque options in simulation. I have a ball bearing assembly, the one that connects to the clutch of a car, on which I have to apply an rpm and torque alongwith temp and thrust. I need to apply rpm and torque only to the rotating inner (the only rotating part in the assembly). Now, SW wont allow me to apply rpm to only one part in the assembly. How do I get over this? Also wont an rpm produce a torque value? How will applying a torque (again to the same rotating inner against which the clutch diaphragm plates press) as an input reflect in its behavior?

I will upload a model or pic soon.

Will the astute please also advice me if this is a static study or better off dynamic? I want to predict the wear and tear over a number of cycles. I plan to use the fatigue analysis for this.