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EPDM - Predict the next revision name

Question asked by Alexandre Gragnano on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 13, 2015 by Alexandre Gragnano

Hello everyone,


I am new in this forum and in the SolidWorks environment. I am developer in C# and I am learning the SolidWorks & EPDM APIs.


I am currently searching a way to 'predict' the next revision name of an EPDM file. I am able to find last revision names but not the future.


Example: generate a revision name 'C' (if revision configuration is "A, B, C...") with a method which takes the revision number in argument (here 3).


Note: I am aware this prediction can not be accurate in case of date components are present in the revision scheme. I just want to know what should be this revision name if I release now.




The method to increment virtually the revision of the file:

- Call IncrementRevision Method (IEdmRevisionMgr)

- Get the revision name generated <= this is what I want to do

- Do not call Commit Method (IEdmRevisionMgr)  to ignore changes


Thanks for some help.

Best regards.