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PLC Modular

Question asked by Friyadi Hasiholan on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 27, 2015 by Mike Motkowski

Hello Everybody


How to working with PLC modular

ex: We used (I/O) module with 16 input points


- So if we use only one of this (I/O) module in SWE the order of (I/O) numbering is X00 to X0F

- But if we use 2 (I/O) module in SWE the order of (I/O) numbering for slot 1 X00 to X0F but in slot 2 the order of (I/O) numbering still X00 to X0F,

- So how to create sequence (I/O) by automatically slot 1 : X00 to X0F and slot 2 : X10 to X1F like sample picture.




currently we like to use PLC Mitsubishi Q- Series

Please help me to solve this problem if some one have any experience about this case..

Thank You..