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    Side view centerline question

    Scott Rackley

      OK, as a tool maker I do quite a bit of drawings that have counterbored holes in either or both directions.  Dowel relief, headed punches, cap screws, jack bolts, etc.  When use the centerline feature on side views, I click two sides of the cylinder in question.  SW then places a center line dead between them slightly longer than the sides.  All good, except I have to go back and lengthen the centerlines past the counterbores to tell my guys (yes, I have to tell them, toolmakers are stubborn and picky) that the counterbores are concentric.  Is there a setting to change so that centerlines extend beyond all concentric cylinders to the one chosen?  Something like the fillet command can do tangent propogation and pick the "next" edge, why can't SW pick the "next" cylinder and extend the CL?l