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Question asked by Douglas Kelly on May 11, 2015
Latest reply on May 12, 2015 by Douglas Kelly

I have a complicated assembly with many mated parts. Did some interim drawings... lots of sheets and views with very specific show-hides. They looked great! 


I then spent a week adding new parts. When I came back to the drawings to add a couple notes, the new parts were all overlapping and blocking what was already sent out for fab. I needed to go to every single sheet, detail, section view and hide them... just to make them presentable. It took hours.


Overall... In one case, once you complete a drawing, you'd want no changes. Is there a way to lock it down from updates?

In another, you'd want dimensions of SHOWn parts to update automagically... but no new parts elbowing their way in.

I'm getting a third case of all changes all the time.


If anybody knows of a webinar that puts these differences into perspective, that would really help... Cheers!