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Can I create draft using edge chain instead of plane??

Question asked by Brian Stoddard on May 11, 2015
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I need to add draft to the slots shown in the pictures.  They are angled at 20 degrees which would be created by a slide in the tool. However, the part itself is contoured in both directions so there is no flat plane to use for a neutral plane.  In Creo (Pro-E), there is an option to use an edge chain or just an edge and the surfaces selected would be drafted from that edge chain regardless if the edge was in a flat plane.


Can something like this be done in SW14??  I tried creating a plane through two vertexes but the result was not correct.  What I need is the draft to start at the inside of the slot (where the yellow edges are shown) and work its way outward.




Profile 1



Profile 2



Cross section showing exaggerated draft