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New EPDM implementation - Best way to maintain revision level during migration?

Question asked by Frederic Hodshon on May 12, 2015
Latest reply on May 14, 2015 by Brian McEwen

Good Morning,


We are in the process of dialing in our workflow prior to migration this weekend.


I have some experience with other PDM applications.


An issue has come up regarding the revision status of existing data on a network share drive.


Our admin has explained all our revisions will revert back to 1/1 after migration and will need be dealt with one at a time

when a change occurs.


So, a drawing/model currently at revision C (for example), will migrate as revision 1. When this particular drawing/model

needs to be EO changed, the revision will have to be forced to D somehow.


We have limited VAR support for this.


Any suggestions are highly appreciated.


fred hodshon